Park Rules

Park Rules

In order to keep the bike park a safe and fun place to ride we have to a few rules which are listed below:

Failure to adhere to the following will result in termination of your day / year pass (depending on the severity of the contravention). The final decision on each rests with the park ownership.

1) All riders must sign in prior to entering park and are stongly advised to walk each trail before riding to ensure they have the required skill level to ride it safely.

2) All new riders must sign disclaimer before entering park.

3) No riders or spectators under the age of 18 are allowed entry to the park without a parent or guardian present to sign their disclaimer.

4) No riders under the age of 13 will be permitted to ride without the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times whilst using the park.

5) All vehicles to be parked within designated car parking and not on or adjacent residential properties on nearby roads.

6) All riders to wear full faced helmets and appropriate protective gear at all times when riding within the park.

7) The use of full faced downhill helmets is mandatory; gloves and body armor is strongly recommended. In the event of an accident or injury contact emergency services immediately and then inform park management.

8) Please take the time to check the track / line before you ride it so as to avoid any nasty shocks / surprises!

9) Take all litter home, we are a mountain bike park and not a public landfill site. Cans of monster take many hundreds of year to decay when threw into a bush!

10) Strictly no track modifications permitted without prior consent from park management.

11) Please respect our local neighbours and keep excessive noise / bad language to a minimum. This is particularly important to the guys who keeps giving his mate mad F@£king props at the top of his voice…..

12) Enjoy yourself!


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